you just got a card!

i give a card with my email on it to a stranger once a week. today, you're the lucky stranger!

why did you receive a card? maybe i overheard you talking about something interesting, or liked your jacket, or we were at the same event so i assume we have similar interests... whatever it was, it sparked an interest to stay in touch.
we walk past so many interesting strangers every day... it's difficult to know how to introduce yourself, or if you should.

with this card project, i hope to normalize talking to strangers a bit more. in a safe and casual way.

so, shoot me an email:
let me know your name and where i gave you the card. additionally, feel free to share any other form of communication that suits you better (insta, whatsapp), and your age + pronouns.

please answer one of the following questions in your first email:
  1. who inspires you and why?
  2. when do you find yourself in a flow state?
  3. what hobbies do you have?
  4. what is holding you back in life right now?
  5. what is your first impression of me?

about tiana
age: 25 — pronouns: she/her
interests: art, fashion, music, film, technology, connections, philosophy, travel, websites...
at the moment, i'm on working holiday in nl from canada until october 2023.
nice to meet you!
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